BoBo Chic At East Mamma In Paris

Eating Italian food outside of Italy can be a hit and miss adventure. As Italian food lovers know, the real deal is always on terra firma. However, have I got great news for you. East Mamma, a new Neapolitan restaurant in Paris, is definitely turning heads. Located near the metro Ledru-Rollin in the heart of one of the city's trendiest neighborhoods, you could be mistaken for thinking that this area is a Parisian version of Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Before you set out for East Mamma, the hottest Neapolitan trattoria this side of Vesuvio, come prepared to wait. People cue up for this place an hour before the doors actually open. Despite the terribly long wait, the cuisine, presentation, quality, and service will blow your mind. First note, that all the ingredients are organic, come from small suppliers and have flavors you haven't tasted in a donkey's age. The pizzaiolo has been pinched from what some consider the best house in Naples. All the ingredients are top notch and the sauce homemade. There is nothing like wood baked pizza. The selection on offer proves the noblesse of this simple truth.

Yesterday, I headed over with the RedHerring gang. I don't know what I expected. The menu is simple as it is innovative. We ordered one salad which featured mixed mesclun, assorted species of cherry tomatoes, ricotta, and bresaola topped with peaches in season. The combination of flavors was pure genius, and so Italian.

When we arrived, there was already a gigantic queue, and I managed to get us a listing for 22h20. With our team staring at the delicacies with baited breath, I prayed I could hold out long enough. We strolled around the charming quarter and sipped Spritz wherever we went. However, it must be said the two hour wait was long. After dinner, I enquired with friendly staff if there was a better time to arrive etc. The answer was an unfortunate no. I might also add, they do not allow earlier bookings.

Is it worth the wait? Once you eat here, you will think so. Before that it is hard going. Will Michelin give them a star at some point? Probably as long as they don't wait.

There are other options to pizza. There is osso buco, salads, cured meats, burrata, smoked mozza, and inviting pasta dishes. All the pasta is handmade in the morning and is cooked to perfection. The big winner is the one served with shaved black truffles. The noodles are coated in a mascarpone and mushroom cream sauce. Perfect with a lovely rich red wine from Sicily. The wine list has been well thought out and offers affordable options in addition to heavy hitters.

Desserts are classics, the espresso perfect, and there is homemade grappa to top off your meal. All I can say to the staff is Bravo!

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Article Title: BoBo Chic At East Mamma In Paris
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