What Makes Successful People Successful

What makes successful people successful? Just look at the stats. Successful people come from diverse backgrounds, love sushi, a good wager, and are unafraid of standing out in a crowd. However, you would be hard pressed to know considering they're dressed like everyone else.

Don't be fooled by the Deus Ex Machina T-shirts. In my world, success is there for everyone. However, you must generate this perception by altering your definition of successful. Believe in goodness and you can change your corner of the world. Current events can lead us into a cul de sac, but you understand that life is a metaphor. Learn to write your own music. In a world of too much information or disinformation, start by straining all you hear and broadcast the goodness that keeps this planet on track.

Here are 12 qualities that can make you successful. Isn't it time to change your inner calculus?

They Leave Politics To The Wannabes
Successful people can't stand playing politics. They couldn't care a tinkers curse for brown nosing nor do they care about being right all time. Their focus is on accomplishment. Forget the dialectics of hostility. Master the language of joy instead. Where one flower is planted others can grow and prosper. Even in the desert, beauty can survive. Cling to the language of your divine spirit. Forget the absolutes proselytized by the ignorant.

They Love Helping Others Succeed
Small people feel diminished by the success of others. Great people give hugs all round for a job well done. Create a better working environment. Inclusiveness feels so much better. After all, nobody succeeds by themselves. The idea of competition is to raise one's own game not pummel every else into the tarmac. When everyone is praised, everyone benefits.

They Love When Ideas Bear Fruit
Whether the idea is theirs or a colleagues, it gives them great pleasure to see new ideas blossom into a fruitful project with definitive results. Best of all, successful people like doing things nobody else has dared do before. They love the nuance of suggestion and realize anything is possible if you have a noble heart.

They Love Out Of The Box Solutions
We find successful people love big ideas. The greater the challenge, the greater the pleasure gained. Problem solving is cat's meat. It gives them the inducement to simplify worn out and tired ways of constantly repeating the same pattern of performing. You don't need all the answers. Assimilate, conjugate, and go forward. Every act of accomplishment starts with an idea in the mind. Only afterward does it appear as a foregone conclusion to those with less insight.

They Love Burning The Rule Book
Although successful people recognize rules are necessary to any endeavor, they are unafraid to walk the talk. Innovative ideas lead to developing rules no one knew before but now cannot live without. Think Ibrahim Malouf and your jazz music will stand out in a tempest. Inspire respect for simplicity. There's nothing better than grilling your own octopus to put things in perspective. Just ask Socrates.

They Know Nothing Is Sacred
Successful leaders know there are no clay tablets. The great thing about working today is that you can try, adapt and change within seconds. They also recognize that conventional wisdom is just what it sounds like: conventional. Change is welcomed like a breathe of fresh air. The Buddha knew all there was to know about temptation, which is why he tuned his heart to all that is noble in the human character.

They Love Solving Problems
My Mom says, when you're dead, you'll have no more problems to solve. Mother's know this sort of thing. Embrace your challenges and you become the master. No point sticking your head in the sand. Brutality has become so banal that certain people believe that we live in a video game. The greatest game you can play is called life. So what are you waiting for? Happiness is not a warm gun. Distinguish truth from fiction and become an inner mounting flame.

They Love Self Awareness
Successful people are only too aware that today's success is tomorrow's history. You're only as good as the last results you've delivered. Successful people don't mind because their sense of self awareness is tied to a place beyond superficial accolades. Believe in hope and share your gratitude for the nobility of all things. Remember, one candle can light thousands of lamps. I've seen this done in India. I felt so much joy, I cried for a week.

They Embrace Feedback
Successful people understand that to grow requires constant improvement. They are open to feedback from any source. You can learn from a tortoise as well as a leaf floating on a lily pond. Becoming all you can be requires letting go of your ego. Why carry more baggage? Travel light. The journey is long.

Taking input from others makes you aware of how much and exciting it is to learn new things and do things differently from the way you solve problems now. Your personal growth expands and at the end of the day you still feel life is exciting. Successful people never become blasť.

They understand the principles of personal brand management
Successful people know we can make mistakes. Mistakes come with the territory. What they won't do is to become their worst enemy. Why beat up on yourself? Quite pointless don't you think? Go with the flow and float like a butterfly.

They Believe In Self Control
Successful people understand the true meaning of self control. It's not about denial or wearing a hair shirt. It's about living a principled set of guidelines which put you touch with your inner self. Although this is a stretch experience, successful people recognize with each day they are that much nearer to mastering their own purpose in life. Routines and compulsiveness are for people who are afraid of being free. Let go of everything which holds you back.

They Understand That Life Is A Journey Not A Destination
Many people are always looking for closure. However, successful people know that when one thing is done another project or challenge will take its place. They don't mind, but take this in stride. They understand that the true purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. Trinkets and trash hold no allure. Their true pleasure is making a difference.

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Article Title: What Makes Successful People Successful
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