Career Management: How To Deal With Anger

Twist & Shout by the Beatles reminds me of a rather curious story concerning anger management.

As was his habit, a Hindu saint brought his disciples every weekend to one of his favorite sacred spots on the river Ganges.

Here they bathed and practiced yoga. When they'd arrived, yoga mats were spread out, and good will 'n cheer were washed down with an ice cold mango lassi. However, on this occasion, the saint overheard a couple from the other side of the river shaking the ground. Their expressive tension rippled through the normally placid landscape. There were no smiles and no one was singing, "shake it up, baby".

Clearly, they were not singing, but were waving their arms screaming at the top of their lungs. Fingers were pointed. Unpleasant words were exchanged. You could probably hear their voices far away in Delhi. This was not a good advert for anger management. Even the kingfishers flew away. Never missing an appropriate occasion to instruct his chelas, he turned to his disciples and addressed the issue of anger management.

"I know you all are familiar with that Beatles song, but why do people twist & shout at each other when they are angry?"

His followers thought this through. One chela postulated, "Because when we lose our peacefulness, we twist & shout."

"But, why should we twist & shout when the other person is just next to us? Isn't it easier to express our concerns in a softer voice", replied the saint.

The disciples tried in turn to answer their master's question. However after much deliberation, they could not find a satisfactory answer. At this moment, the saint smiled and responded.

"When two people are angry at each other, their hearts are separated by a gulf larger than Bengal. The larger the gap, the greater the distance. Therefore, they feel compelled to twist & shout to convey their message. If they did not twist & shout, they would not hear each other. The conundrum deepens by the nature of their anger. The hotter the anger, the louder they will have to raise their voices to cover the distance.

Now examine the opposite side of the coin. What happens when two people fall in love? They don't twist & shout. Their voices are melodic harmonies like the sounds of the veena. Their vibrations are totally in tune. Because their hearts are so close, the physical distance becomes non-existant."

The saint continued, "As their relationship deepens, so does their love. They do not even feel the need for speech. They whisper and giggle with delight. Such is the nature of love. Closeness becomes mergence. They communicate just through their eyes. That is how close two people can become when they love each other unconditionally."

The saint could see amazement within his followers eyes. They weighed his words with the screaming match from the other side of the river.

Sensing their feelings and good natures, he continued: "When you feel disagreement bubbling up within your mind, don't let your hearts become distant from sanity. Everyone has the right to disagree. However, you must measure your words. Words shouted in anger are not so easily erased.

When language burns like fire, the distance between two souls becomes so great there is no way back to the path of normality. Choose your language wisely and remain balanced in all things. This is the path of anger management. May the blessings of the sages be with you always."

Article Title: How To Deal With Anger Management
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