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The Perfect Topper delivers a Sentimental Education
For most of us at the WCW offices in W1, George Mycroft is an icon of sobriety and good taste. With the looks of Cary Grant and the intelligence to carry the weight of the British government, he floats through the premises when on view, which is not often with his workload. On a lovely autumn afternoon, I believe it was a Friday; he came to my office and said we should go out for a drink. Without thinking twice, I accepted. I knew he was on a tight schedule, but just the idea to see Mayfair through his blue eyes would be a true education. He and Doctor Samuel Johnson would have been great friends. At work and play, he never shows fatigue; we were on some sort of gentleman's shopping excursion just before he was to set out on a journey to America.

First off, the hatters James Lock located on St. James's Street and have been there for ages.

"I shop randomly and im...

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Global MBA Trends for 2006

Recruitment on the upswing

After 4 years of a downward spiral of disbelief on American campuses, there is a new trend in the wind. The more international the MBA market has become the more applicants are pushing to enrol. This is being driven by the twin vectors of an increase in the number of recruiters who want to employ graduates and the number of possible candidates applying.

George Mycroft recently stated: "The applicant pool at Whitefield Consulting Worldwide, the leading management consultancy in offering onl...

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