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Strawberry Fayre Forever
It's a sultry Friday evening and the warm air indicates a beautiful weekend lies ahead. Dying to get out of town and head for the country, I posit the idea to my spouse that we wake at the crack of dawn and twirl the two-seater over to Honfleur to indulge in crevettes grises, flaky croissants, pain au chocolat and hot bowls of steaming coffee while gazing upon the boats in this adorable Norman harbour. Now normally, such a suggestion would be rewarded with a grimace. However, on this occasion, the answer was an emphatic yes.

We could picture it all. Delightful apple orchards in bloom, wild flowers galore, the smell of the sea, and of course there is that wonderful market. Country markets in France are a delight, and Normandy is no exception. The idea of fast food, supermarkets, pre-packaged junk and other sundries are an anathema to the Normans. They did not invent 'slow food',...

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'Lost Generation' Weathers the Storm

Ernest Hemingway once talked about a 'lost generation' of souls in the 1920s of people in need of direction and purpose following World War I. In certain ways, this sensation afflicted a whole crop of business school graduates between 2000-2003. The economic downturn, particularly in the States, compounded the uncertainty of terrorist attacks, made it difficult for MBA graduates to find suitable job opportunities, which corresponded to their ambitions.

Prospective students today have caution in their voices but are as determined as ever t...

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