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Man About Town: Savile Row Re-Energises
You can trace the energy to Florence at the Pitti Palace but then again this past July on the closing night of the Haute Couture Week there was a special celebration at the British Ambassador's Residence. It was an entente cordiale between British bespoke represented by those magicians from Savile Row and Parisian haute Couture. The event was co-hosted by the Ambassador Sir Peter and Lady Westmacott and Didier Grumbach, president of the Chambre Syndicale de la haute couture in Paris. The reception showcased an exhibition of bespoke evening dress cut by members of Savile Row Bespoke Association formed in 2004 to promote the art of bespoke tailoring.

"The evening was a dazzling triumph", stated Andrew Scharf, one of people invited to the soiree. "What the Row succeeded in doing was presenting a unified face and persona of excellence in one of the world's fashion capitals. I belie...

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Competition for Jobs is Fierce

According to the Association for Graduate Recruiters in the United Kingdom, the prospectus for graduates in 2006 is already up 11% over the previous year. From statistics, it appears that the job market is rosy, and it is true that the employment is buoyant. Competition for the best jobs however, remains intensely demanding. Graduates find themselves competing with a much larger pool of people as university attendance rates have soared in the UK. The trend is similar across Europe. Employers, therefore can much more selective when choosing ...

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