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Art at the Met: Tragedy in Loss
Jeff Rosenheim, photography curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has selected about two dozen photographers documentation New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The work is by Robert Polidori, who went to New Orleans where he resided years ago to shoot a series of pictures for the New Yorker. Not only did he stay longer than planned, he took hundreds of large format photos that produced drizzling and haunting images in colour.

The scenes are unpeopled like a surrealistic diorama. We are half expecting to see the actors walking across the sets, but they never do. Unlike desert-scape images of the American West, which haunt with the emptiness and vastness in an expression of nature, these photos conjure up lives that no longer exist For example; there is one photo of a house on the corner of Law and Egania Streets. There is a plain non-fussed single story cottage ...

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Yale School of Management Financial Tool Identifies High-Performing Mutual Funds

A commonly held belief is that if you are interested in finance that you should apply only to Wharton, Columbia Business School, Stern, or London Business School. However, other MBA programmes can also give you the serious depth and rigour you seek in order to build an outstanding career and expertise in finance and investment banking.

For example, Matthew Spiegel, Professor of Finance at Yale SOM recently identified a new financial model to identify mutual funds that will substantially outperform the market benchmark.

The study, "E...

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