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Leading Entrepreneur Tells Chancellor 'Don’t Penalise Small Firms...'
Leading Entrepreneur Tells Chancellor 'Don’t Penalise Small Firms...'Serial entrepreneur Stefan Töpfer, “” millionaire and CEO of the international online office provider, has joined calls for the Chancellor to give a lifeline to small companies in his Pre-Budget Report due on 9th December. The London based international businessman says that there is a severe danger of the government pumping money into the banks and into big business like the car industry but leaving small firms to pay the price.

Töpfer says, “I am talking to small firms in the UK every day and many are at the end of their tether, uncertain what the government has...

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Prospective MBA applicants are being urged to broaden the scope of career possibilities when seeking career enhancement. There are many sectors, which can profit by MBA educated professionals and thus represent new avenues of previously unexplored business opportunity.

Ian Hardie, associate dean of executive education at London Business School says: 'The quiet time has helped MBAs to become more astute at considering a wider range of jobs. The traditional recruiter has started to return but it will never be as hot a market as it was durin...

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