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Exploring Space & Memory:
The Art of Christine Relton and Tom Marine

Tom Marine and Christine Relton are two contemporary British artists whose use of colour and imagination take the viewer into a time and space of the imagination. What is particularly unique from their effort is the fact that they work on the majority of their canvases together. This dual collaboration brings both a fusion and synergy to the paintings.

Drawn to the intensity of light, one is immediately reminded of the visual fluency and language of Matisse. Inspired by travel to Greece, India, and Asia, their work glows with much intensity. The nature of their work starts with a concept or event, which has made an impact on their personal lives. The images work with and on the viewer.

Their work has received much acclaim in the British art press, and it is not hard to understand why.

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More Students Seek To Join Accountancy

Following the recent scandals and restructuring, accountancy firms have once again become attractive to business students suggesting that there is a reassessment in their desired career goals. A new survey from the Universum Communications, the research and advisory group, shows that three of the 'Big Four' accountancy firms are back in the top ten ideal employers wish list of undergraduate students.

Questionnaires were issued to 30,000 students studying engineering, science, IT, and business at 123 top American colleges.

BMW, the ...

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