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The Power Game of Networking
The art of networking is an intense power game. Master this art and choose your dream job. Fail to learn the ropes and you will have squandered your education and find the going quite difficult.

At IESE Business School in Barcelona, Maria Puig who heads the Alumni Division states: ?More than 60 percent of our MBA graduates land jobs through networking. In a tough job market, it can make the difference between a great position and a mediocre one?.

?It is also essential for entrepreneurs seeking new business contact or leads ?, says Vin Hammersley, a director at Warwick Business School.

?Both MBA candidates and current MBA students need to better understand the rules of the networking game?, claims Edwina Sanderson, head of the Whitefield Consulting Alumni Network Worldwide.

?We offer seminars and coaching to all past and new clients at WCW. Without this knowledge...

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Yale School of Management Financial Tool Identifies High-Performing Mutual Funds

A commonly held belief is that if you are interested in finance that you should apply only to Wharton, Columbia Business School, Stern, or London Business School. However, other MBA programmes can also give you the serious depth and rigour you seek in order to build an outstanding career and expertise in finance and investment banking.

For example, Matthew Spiegel, Professor of Finance at Yale SOM recently identified a new financial model to identify mutual funds that will substantially outperform the market benchmark.

The study, "E...

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