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Beat the Winter Blues: Make Paris your oyster
Right now is the winter break and the kids are home from school. The sky is slate and gunmetal grey. The mansard roofs are dove coloured and people the previous week swirled by me on the sidewalks holding their heads in an Edvard Munch look-a-like contest. Wait a minute, you say. Stop the camera. Where are we before we bail out?

We, my friends, are in Paris. You know Paris, the City of Light, where Gene Kelly danced under Notre Dame with the one he loved, where Gershwin was inspired to write some of his most memorable music. OK, yesterday the wind howled and you reached either for tickets to Martinique or Dr. Bach's 'Rescue'.

This is not the time for traditional sight seeing unless your cashmere underwear is of the finest weave to keep the damp at bay. Actually, this is a great time of the year to come to the city. Half the residents have run away to the sun or mountains, and...

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IESE Business School: Question Your Assumptions

In a Continuous Education session held recently at IESE Business School, Professor Jeffery Pfeffer, visiting from Stanford GSB shared his insights and recommendations on how to achieve good management practices with students, alumni, and professors.

What many of us consider conventional wisdom is not always proven fact. For this reason Pfeffer warns against making decisions based on assumptions, stressing that managers need to "have the courage to challenge convention".

Practicing evidence-based management is about having th...

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